Foreign Friday: Girl Who Played with Fire

We are taken back into the dark world of Stockholm’s underworld again through the lens of author Stieg Larsson.

This time our heroine Lisbeth Salander (Noomi Rapace) is up to her neck in trouble when she is framed for three murders including two of Mikael Blomkvist’s (Michael Nyquvist) friends. Lisbeth’s framing could be linked to Blomkvist’s latest expose on a sex trafficking ring  involving some of Stockholm’s richest clients.

The twists and turns of Dragon Tattoo are directly related to uncovering who is the murderer and the characters themselves are just along for the ride like the audience.

The sequel does a good job of keeping the twists and turns coming but this time it is playing closer to the vest. The movie relishes in pealing back the layers of one, Lisbeth Salander. In the first film, we catch a glimpse of Lisbeth’s past. We are told about a grisly fire that Lisbeth set when she was younger. Now, we learn who the victim was.

So who is this twisted, mixed-up and highly guarded woman? Why does Blomkvist care so much for her?

All will be revealed and this story is almost more shocking that the previous film’s complete plot.

Like the previous entry and seems to be a commonality in the series, the prologue to the movie’s actual plot is long and drawn out. If you can survive the first 35 minutes or so the pacing picks up and we are thrown head long into the film’s plot.

I liked how the author brought these two people back together as the mystery crisscrosses their lives. I found this more interesting then how they originally were pulled together.

Rapace is wonderful again as Lisbeth. She is the action hero in these stories while Blomkvist is the thinker. Nyquvist seems to be more comfortable in his role in this film than in the previous entry.

If you love these characters then you are going to love the sequel. I have to say that the sequel outweighs the original in some ways but falls back in others. But overall I would say it is equal to the first film.

3.5 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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