Movie Review: Abduction

Taylor Lautner is the last of the Twilight trio to expand into other films.

Heck, he might even be the last one too because Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene are already lining up Hollywood features.

Taylor made quite the payday when he signed up for this low-ball thriller before he had really even proven himself as an actor.

The movie is directed by hit-and-miss director John Singleton who really shows us what this movie could have been but never evolved to.

He has assembled quite the cast Maria Bello, Jason Isaacs, Sigourney Weaver, Alfred Molina, Dermot Mulroney and even the Dragon Tattoo’s Michael Nyquist as the film’s main baddie.

He also got hottie Lily Collins after her break-thru role in “The Blind Side”. Collins is definitely a starlet to watch and she really outshines Lautner in this flick.

The movie is about a teen boy Nathan (Lautner) and his teenage crush Karen (Collins) are searching the internet for a school project and stumble upon a missing persons website. There they find a picture of Nathan as a three-year-old and the plot thickens. Are mommy and daddy evil? Who are his real parents? Furthermore what is real in his life?

Their search sends up a red flag with the CIA (headed by Alfred Molina) and an international intel broker (Michael Nyqvist). Who has Nathan’s best interest in mind? Why are they after him? And does this movie finally make sense in the end?

The script was written by untested screenwriter Shawn Christensen. This is his first feature and after it’s success at the box office on wonder Hollywood isn’t asking for a follow-up. How did this much Hollywood talent get shoveled onto this hack of a script?

As for hunk Lautner’s performance, well, the poor guy has nothing to really work with here. Unless you count crying in your sleep, which is done off-screen, or those really horribly photographed thinking scenes. Lots of people have been slamming the poor kid in the Twilight films and in this film. Let the poor kid have a good script before you rip him in half. He could surprise us.

Collins is basically just reacting to the chaos in the film which in some ways gives her a better chance to shine than being the actual hero.

As for the vets, well these are just paycheck performances. Molina is channeling Law & Order: Los Angeles. Weaver is dull as a door nail. Bello and Isaacs are really interesting but aren’t on screen long. And Nyqvist, the poor guy doesn’t have a line until after the one hour mark.

Singleton injects the adrenaline right into the jugular of this movie but all you get is a lot of screaming, things blowing up, shirtless Lautner, veteran actors cashing paychecks and well a couple surprises. The movie stinks of paint-by-numbers.

Also what is with the really stale and unimaginative soundtrack in this film. With this kind of thriller you need a score that really pumps and this one feels like background noise you hear in a all-night rave bathroom.

Example: Molina says after chasing Lautner for over an hour through the film, “How about a buy you a burger and milkshake?” Seriously? Who in their right mind thought this project was a good idea?

This movie is pure garbage!

1 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

Note: Abduction drops on Blu Ray, Jan. 17.

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