Movie Review: Apollo 18

First of all no this is not a sequel to Ron Howard’s “Apollo 13”.

We all know how important the Apollo missions were to the history of mankind. Neil Armstrong’s infamous words as he became the first man to step onto the moon.

The Apollo missions were discontinued after 1972’s Apollo 17.

But Apollo 18 to 20 had been planned but were abandoned when the government deemed the space program too expensive.

This movie presents the theory about what would have happened if there was an Apollo 18 and it went very, very wrong.

Everything is going like clockwork for the astronauts of the Apollo 18. The Department of Defense have given them a mission to the South Pole of the moon and they are almost complete when they notice something isn’t right. There is a footprint on the moon that wasn’t theirs. They are not alone. In fact a Russian module had landed on the moon and the cosmonauts went nuts. So now it is a race for survival as they uncover the mystery and learn from the cosmonauts mistakes.

The found footage horror revolution began with Blair Witch and became even more popular with Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity. This movie is of the same genre and tries to recapture what the old 1960/1970s NASA footage looked like. In some spaces it is an amazing feat to witness.

Was there this much unedited footage for other NASA mission? Is there unedited NASA footage we have never seen? Who knows? But you do have to take into consideration that cameras were a lot larger back then and the tapes a lot shorter. The movie hardly ever acknowledges this.

The mystery aspect of the film is quite interesting and very reminiscent of Paranormal Activity. While the found footage style does add the suspense it gets in the way of really giving the film the flare it needs. There are chunks of it where I was bored out of my skull. Plus the ending is a real cop out.

I liked the actors and how the film tried desperately to be authentic but really I find it hard to get into. I watched the film twice and with each viewing I found this dilemma. It’s a great concept but just not an intriguing film.

2 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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