Weird Wednesday: American Horror Story

By Brooke Stafford

Although this blog has been doing Weird Wednesdays for a while, it hasn’t truly been doing them as weirdly as AHS that has aired each Wednesday night on FX for the entire season.

FX’s new hit TV series debuted back in October and has become the network’s second biggest series after “Sons of Anarchy”.

The movie is sort of “The Amityville Horror” expanded and highly influenced by Twin Peaks.

The movie stars Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott as a married couple who move into a new LA home that has a twisted history.

Dylan is a psychiatrist who treats patients at home. Their marriage is on the rocks after Dylan’s infidelity with hottie Kate Mara.

Along for the ride are double Oscar winner Jessica Lange as a very disturbed neighbor who has known all the house’s previous owners.

Denis O’Hare plays a homeless man who is connected to the house. And these are just the tip of the iceberg of just how creepy this series gets.

Far from a horror movie condensed down to an hour format, it is a creepy investigation into the human psyche.

More particular, into the psyche of a dysfunctional family.


The mother has become impregnated by odd circumstances, the dad is a psychologist with a wandering eye, and the teenage daughter is at odds with the entire world. There are also ghosts.

Loads of loads of ghosts in the house who appear to be alive but not everyone is privy to that information.

On the medical side, the pregnancy presents interesting problems. The twins are said to have heteropaternal superfecundation.

This is actually a real medical condition in which each twin has a different father.

Because genetic testing has brought so many answers, it is only now known that this is possible.

Heteropaternal superfecundation occurs when the mother has released multiple eggs in the cycle, has intercourse with two or more different partners during the course, and each egg is fertilized by a different father.

The condition can happen in as many as 2.4% of twin pregnancies, but the real number is not known as every set of twins is not tested for it.

Heteropaternal superfecundation also has a high chance of happening when used for in vitro fertilization.

Multiple specimens can be implanted into a uterus and possibly set up a scenario where twins from different fathers are delivered.

I just can’t wait for Season Two for all the weirdness to continue. What a ride this show has become.


Brooke Stafford is a nursing practitioner student and also writes for Family Nurse Practitioner Degrees. The site helps students find the right nurse practitioner degree to fit their needs.

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