10 Actresses to Watch & Why 2012: Part One


Name: Alison Brie Schermerhorn

Born: December 29, 1982 in Los Angeles County, California, USA

Credits: Community / Scream 4 Mad Men

Interest: I first noticed Brie on the show Mad Men as Vincent Kartheiser’s ambitious and supportive wife. She is definitely the woman behind her man as her father got Kartheiser’s character his job at the agency.

I think what made her stand-out for me was that she was probably the second strongest female character on the show behind lead Elisabeth Moss. She could act circles around January Jones and well seemed to embrace her 50’s styled character.

When Community debuted I was pleasantly surprised to see her comedic timing as Annie and how well she could adapt to the consistant wackiness the series would bring forth.

Her perky beautiful brainiac on the show seemed to be the moral centre of the hodge-podge that is the ensemble cast. So if you haven’t sacrificed that live chicken to keep Community on the air, you might want to now.

NBC chopped the allotment of episodes this season and hasn’t given the show a return date. If Community goes belly up in 2012 then I am sure we will see Alison Brie pop up somewhere.

Why I know she will survive because in her memorable role in Scream 4 she once again played a different type character. This time a real nasty one. There was not an ounce of Annie in that performance.

Future projects: Hopefully more seasons of Community if the writing staff can find the right tone for the show. This season was all over the place and it wasn’t until the last couple that Community found its groove again. If NBC shelves it I would love to see creator Dan Harmon bring it to a cable network for no-holds-barred wackiness.

Besides Community, Brie will be co-starring in another season of Mad Men this fall. And in-between these two lucrative gigs Brie will also be starring with in Save the Date with always-interesting actress Lizzy Caplan. And then she will star opposite Jason Segal and Emily Blunt in The Five Year Engagement.

What she needs to succeed: Brie has to hang on as Mad Men comes back from a long hiatus and hopefully Community will find a spot on the NBC schedule. This keeps Brie in the eyes of casting agents. Her next big move is to land a rom-com starring her opposite someone like say a John Krasinski or take a chance and cast Max Silvestri. Make it say Roman Holiday for geeks. Yes, there are sheikh geek girls out there too!



Name: Jane Colburn Levy

Born: December 29, 1989 in Los Angeles County, California, USA

Credits: Suburgatory / Shameless

Interest: 2011 changed the face of Jane Levy’s life. Suddenly this 22-year-old was on the covers of magazines, idolized by millions and her little show have established a beachhead on the ABC schedule.

If you don’t know the show Suburgatory, I’d find a way to catch it. Levy plays a New York City teen who is forced to move to the suburbs with her contractor/single father (Jeremy Sisto).

This version is kind of a practical version of the Stepford Wives except there are no robots.

The in-jokes and tone of this series is priceless and cutie Levy is there to react to all the sights. She is kind of a breath of fresh air like the series is.

I quickly got sick of Modern Family but this family comedy is starting to find a home on my must watch list.

Levy seems like the second coming of young Lindsay Lohan or an Emma Stone. Her character in Suburgatory does remind me quite a bit of Emma Stone in Easy A.  But her charisma doesn’t stop there.

Levy began her career in Showtime’s hit series Shameless with William H Macy and Emmy Rossum. On the show she had a five episode run before she was cast in Suburgatory. Her character on the show was supposed to return but was recast instead of bringing Levy back.

Future projects: She needs to finish off this season of Suburgatory and wait for the pickup. She is co-starring in Nobody Walks with Olivia Thirlby (Lost) and John Krasinski. Then she will also star opposite Victoria Justice, Johnny Knoxville and Chelsea Handler in Fun Size.  These projects might be good icebreakers but playing second fiddle to tween-queen Justice is gonna painful for Levy.  Justice will basically be playing Levy’s character from Suburgatory in the movie so that’s gotta hurt.

What she needs to succeed: Levy has Hollywood buzzing about this new phenom who launched a new hit comedy on NBC. She is the new ‘it’ girl. Unfortunately it girls come and go in Hollywood quicker than hookers coming and leaving Charlie Sheen’s house. Levy just needs to ride the tidal wave for now. Keep doing Suburgatory and if she continues there could be an Emmy in her future. Just saying she is that good. Then I would try to get into an ensemble movie like a Love Actually or Valentine’s Day so she can rub shoulders with the big wigs. Paging Garry Marshall! We have the next Anne Hathaway here!



Name: Noomi Rapace (Noomi Noren)

Born: December 28, 1979 in Hudiksvall, Gävleborgs län, Sweden

Credits: Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows / Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest / Girl Who Played with Fire

Interest: Noomi Rapace is a force of nature what can I say. Her performance as Lisbeth Sallander was a revolution among critics and the cornerstone of the whole Swedish Millennium Trilogy phenomenon. Noomi says she has no desire to reprise her character in any fashion but after three films who can blame her.

Noomi and co-star Michael Nyqvist have made the jump to the Hollywood system with a bang. Nyqvist has terrorized Tom Cruise and Taylor Lautner while Noomi got to seduce Robert Downey Jr. in her first Hollywood movie, Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. Her performance showed lots of promise and her schedule is filled to the brim.

Future projects: Noomi has a schedule that any emerging actress in Hollywood would dream of. After locking lips with Robert Downey Jr., Noomi will be starring alongside Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron in Ridley Scott’s return to sci-fi in Prometheus. Then she will team up with director Brian DePalma and Rachel McAdams for the revenge thriller Passion.  (Noomi might know a thing or two about revenge) Then she will slip into the boxing ring in Knockout for director Catherine Hardwicke where she will play a cabaret singer who seduced Swedish boxer Bosse Högberg. Finally she will reteam with Jude Law to board The Last Voyage of the Demeter, about the ship supposedly brought Dracula’s body from Transylvania to England. Let’s just hope it’s not Jude Law playing Dracula!

What she needs to succeed: Nothing! She is working with Hollywood’s top talents. She is doing a wide variety of things. Even veteran actresses are probably shaking their heads and screaming at their agents.



Name: Olga Konstantinovna Kurylenko

Born: November 14, 1979 in Berdyansk, Zaporizhia Oblast, Ukraine

Credits:  There Be DragonsCenturion / Quantum of Solace / Max Payne / Hitman

Interest: I first noticed Olga as the short-haired seductress who takes Timothy Olyphant for a spin in Hitman. I mean the movie was crap but who could forget her in that red dress! Then there she was again dressed in red, half-naked holding Mark Wahlberg’s arm in the extremely forgettable Max Payne. These were like the trailer moments for when she exploded into the Hollywood spectrum as the vengeful Bond girl in Quantum of Solace starring Daniel Craig. Yes in each of these roles she was basically just the eye candy but each did build on the last.

When Hollywood was just about to pigeon-hole her as an ‘it’ girl, Olga ran off to France where she starred in the action thriller Kirot. Then popped back on the Hollywood radar with Neill Marshall’s underrated Centurion co-starring Michael Fassbender. It was Centurion that showed me there was more to Olga than met the eye. In the film she is covered in war paint and furs and kicks some major butt.

She then c0-wrote and starred in some of the episodes in the TV series, Tyranny and once again shocked us all by playing very emotional and tender performances in Roland Joffe’s There Be Dragons and the Chernobyl tear-jerker Land of Oblivion. Olga works her butt off to push the barriers of her career and she is such an amazing actress to seek out and revel in her adventures.

Olga Kurylenko in Empires of the Deep

Future projects: Olga continues to be busy as she jumps into 2012. She has four feature films and a cable TV series all coming this year. First up she will star opposite Aaron Eckhart in the thriller The Expatriate, which sounds an awful lot like Taken. Then she’ll star as a sort of Queen of the mermaids in the very strange fantasy film Empires of the Deep. Then she will star opposite Ben Affleck, Jessica Chastain and Rachel Weisz in perfectionist director Terence Malick’s new untitled film. Then finally she’ll star opposite Woody Harrelson and Colin Farrell in Martin McDonagh’s next film Seven Psychopaths.

If that wasn’t enough to get your head swimming she is also going to star in the new Starz TV series Magic City alongside Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Danny Huston and Kelly Lynch. The series centres on Miami mobsters in the 1950s.

What she needs to succeed: Olga is really doing it all. I like her gusto and she has no problem turning her back on the Hollywood system and hopping back to the other side of the pond for a European film. Every time there is a casting rumor and ten actresses are mentioned Olga’s name pops up. She is still the latest Bond Girl and she has tried like hell to shed that image. When Bond’s next adventure Skyfall arrives, Olga will finally lose that claim to fame. Olga is one of the most interesting actresses to watch in Hollywood or wherever and I welcome her risks.



Name: Lily Jane Collins

Born: March 18, 1989 in Guildford, Surrey, England, UK

Credits: Abduction / Priest / The Blind Side

Interest: Lily might be white-hot in Hollywood’s eyes right now but she really needs a new agent. She makes this stupendous film debut as Sandra Bullock’s teen daughter in the Oscar-winning The Blind Side after just two episodes on CW’s 90210.

Suddenly she is on the fast track to super stardom. And has one of the the worst track records of any starlet working.

She stars alongside Paul Bettany in the incomprehensible Priest, which was pronounced DOA before it even hit theatres.

Next she starts opposite Taylor Lautner in his solo-film debut Abduction, another DOA at the box office. She’s a good little actress and really outshined Lautner in his bored stiff performance in Abduction.

When is Hollywood going to worry about this girl’s career? Did Hollywood fast-track this hottie too quick?

Future projects: Even with a track record like this she is still on everyone’s casting lists. The 22-year-old will star opposite Julia Roberts in Mirror, Mirror which is directed by Tarsem Singh. If the trailer is any sign, you can add another DOA to Lily’s list. Things could turn around when she stars opposite Julianne Moore in The English Teacher. This comedy-drama should show us just what kind of acting chops Lily has.

After that she will headline The Mortal Instruments, based on the best-selling book series. The film could be the next Percy Jackson or the next Twilight.

I am guessing neither because its being directed by Scott Charles Stewart, this is the same dude who directed Lily in Priest! I can’t believe she actually went back to this guy for more work.

If The Mortal Instruments makes more money that I Am Number Four and spawns a franchise. I will write an apology letter to Scott Charles Stewart on this blog for saving Lily Collins’s career.

This week it was also announced that Lily would headline the remake of The Evil Dead with a script from Diablo Cody.

The series will have a female protagonist opposed to Bruce Campbell’s iconic character of Ash.

Then how exactly is this a remake? From the sounds of it, it could also be Cabin in the Woods 2.

What she needs to succeed: Here are the Top Six things Lily Collins needs to do to save her burgeoning career:

One, fire your agent!
Two, get off the Scott Charles Stewart crazy train. He already killed Paul Bettany’s career.
Three, learn that Scott Charles Stewart’s initials are pretty damn close to SOS.
Four, pray that The English Teacher gives you some Hollywood street cred.
Five, get out of the horror genre!
Six,  pluck those eyebrows!

Okay that was a little harsh, she is having a stroke of bad luck and has a raw acting talent not being tapped into. I just hate seeing a talent like her going to waste. We are all here for you Lily, you just need a hit!

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