Movie Review: Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Where the first Wrong Turn was a deadly serious ‘hunt ’em, kill ’em, devour ’em’ horror film, Wrong Turn takes a left at the absurd and keeps on chugging.

The concept of the Wrong Turn 2 finds a group reality show contestants released into the wilderness to show how man would survive after the end of the world.

While the contestants are squabbling and debating, they become hunted by a new family of blood thirsty cannibals.

It is revealed in the film that the cannibalistic family had been so isolated from man that for generations that they had been hunting lost campers and hikers.

So these cannibals are more likely to risk being discovered for the sake of food.

From the opening scene you know that this sequel is going to be very different than its predecessor. It opens with a spoiled-rotten actress (Kimberly Caldwell) arguing with her agent (Patton Oswalt) as she tries to find the location of the reality show.

The scene quickly develops into a gruesome death for the actress and the cannibals are confused to how they can carry away the body.

So they cut her in half and drag her away with some really goofy music playing. It was going to be that kind of film.

The cheesy deaths never stop as the characters we meet along the way keep getting crazier.

The reality TV show host (Henry Rollins) is ex-military and goes on the warpath when the cannibals come into the picture. Scream queen Eric Leershen plays a girl with full of attitude who also happens to be vegan. So you know what is gonna happen to her character. And Aleksa Palladino plays a sweet girl who’s boyfriend is also the show’s director.

I liked that the film actually gave us more information on the cannibal’s world. We got to see just how far gone they actually are and that is even more terrifying then any of the chase sequences in the first film.

If you remember how Jeremy Sisto died in the first film and how undramatic it was then you can imagine how most of the deaths are in this film.

I would have liked to see the victims fight back more but all that was saved for the end.

I was sad to see an actress like Aleksa Palladino reduced to this kind of film. She is really talented and this felt like an entry for her SAG card.

I was thankful to realize that her tenure on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire came after this film and hopefully the success of that series will help the actress get better parts.

Wrong Turn 2 takes the series in a new directional tone and does amplify the gore if you can believe it. But it’s silly gore not the realistic gruesomeness of say a SAW or HOSTEL film. If you are a horror junkie then I’d say check this out. If not then maybe turn it into a drinking game like anytime somebody swears, gets maimed, dies or gets undressed you have to drink. And an extra drink for every scene you think is gross.

Bottoms up! (Oh, to a cannibal that means a whole other thing!)

3 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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