Movie Review: Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

It is not easy being a backwoods cannibal. All you want is a nice juicy co-ed to munch on and instead you keep getting invaded by somebody.

This time on Wrong Turn, a bus full of convicts crashes into the deep woods of West Virginia after a botched escape attempt.

The cons think they have found their freedom until they become hunted by blood-thirsty inbred cannibals. Yummy fresh meat!

The movie is your typical slasher film but this time you really want to see the majority of these characters get killed.

By the time the frachise got to this third film it was all routine and bordering on Friday the 13th.

The films two leads Tom Frederic and Janet Montgomery deserve better than this kind of schlock to react to.

Montgomery has a range that I have seen in her TV work in Entourage and Human Target but here she is just the pretty girl in danger.

Tamer Hassan who has many better roles than this film seems quite comfortable and at home as Chavez, the psychopathic leader of the inmates.

What is really interesting to note is that the whole Wrong Dead franchise is actually based on an urban myth based out of West Virginia.

The myth talks about isolated families who turn to inbreeding to continue the lineage. Alot of the state is impoverished and has many isolated mining towns.

But there are strict laws in West Virginia for inbreeding but that didn’t stop Dick Cheney for cracking jokes about the state.

It is hard to tell if Wrong Turn was inspired by these stereotypes and urban myths or just continued to perpetuate them.

This film doesn’t explore anymore about the cannibals but instead just turns the franchise into a Friday the 13th sequel. This is a pure waste of time even with the unsung cast.

1 out of 5

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