Movie Review: Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

The latest entry in the series suffers from an identity crisis. Is this a sequel or a prequel? But more on this mystery later.

In the film, a group of co-eds, while on a snowmobile excursion, take refuge in an abandoned santiorium to wait out a blizzard.

They discover that their new shelter was once a home for some of West Virgina’s most unsavory characters. The most twisted being a family of inbred cannibals.

This once more is your typical slasher genre but instead of the woods you have cannibals hunting co-eds in darkened hallways and lots of shots of blood splatters against snow.

The movie isn’t enjoyable really on any level.

The only thing interesting of note to mention here is the confusion on where the film fits into the series.

If it is a prequel why don’t the cannibals leave the building at the end?

Furthermore why would they ever want to given the harsh weather conditions?

If this is a sequel then there should have been seens where the cannibals are rounded up and brought to the institution, tortured and then they exact revenge.

No matter how you shake it the timeline doesn’t gel properly. It just gets way off track and never really adds anything to the series.

I was hoping with the films title we would learned where these savages originated from.

We even have a great scene where an innocent psychologist wants to work with them but the whole concept is abandoned.

There was so much potential to actually unravel the urban myth, showcase why the series as original and have a script worth exploring.

So much wasted potential.

0.5 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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