Retro Review: Wild Wild West

Will Smith’s effects driven western, “Wild Wild West” which follows the exploits of two US Secret Service Agents in the Old West and based on a 60’s TV adventure series.

But this surely isn’t the Old West we know and love.

“Men in Black” director Barry Sonnenfeld’s vision of the Old West is a sort of Jules Verne version mixed with the style of a 60’s. We encounter decapitating magnets and giant 80-foot spiders.

As in “Men in Black” and “The Addam’s Family”, Sonnenfeld continues to show his grasp of special effects and how to work their eye-candy magic.

However like all special effects events of the summers it is never those that are at fault.

In “Wild Wild West” it’s the talents of veteran Shakespearean actors Kevin Kline and Kenneth Branagh that seem to be lost within the walls of this thinly scripted effects bonanza.

The vast gap in the film is the villainy of a covered in make-up Branagh. Throughout the entire film we only hear two references to why this man is so insane and why he wants to take over the USA.

Branagh never really gets a chance to flesh out his character before he kills someone or blows up a building.

This seems to be the same with all the characters in this movie. I found myself really trying to relate to characters but in a cat and mouse movie it’s so hard. And that all this seems film seems to be.

Like most Hollywood events, check your brain at the door, engulf yourself in the style and revel in the eye-candy.

(3 out of 5 stars)

So Says the Soothesayer.

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