Weird Wednesday: Wrath of the Titans

Okay first of all you have to be asking yourself how does an action blockbuster qualify for Weird Wednesday when the day is set aside to celebrate horror and all things weird in the world of movies.

Well I might be pushing it some but a sequel to a remake that reinvents the world of Greek mythology is just shall we dare say, a little weird.

With the remake wave still in full stride it doesn’t seem to uncommon for these remakes to spawn bastard children. (pardon the pun) Ocean’s Eleven did it with panache.

The Dark Knight became the biggest sequel of all time and it was sequel to a remake/reboot. Halloween produced an afterbirth of a sequel to its remake. And finally do I dare say The Fly 2.

Most sequels to remakes are so off the grid and so far away and remain unhinged for what plagued the remake in the first place. Some reinvent the wheel while others are roadkill.

Where does Wrath fit into these? Well, let me lay out the story first.

Ten years after the first film, Perseus (Sam Worthington) is now retired and living in a fishing village.

He is now a widower and raising his son on his own. Zeus (Liam Neeson) appears to Perseus asking for his help in keeping the father of the Gods, Kronos in his cell in the Underworld. Perseus denies his father’s request and Zeus journeys into the Underworld with his other son Ares (Edgar Martinez). There Zeus tries to help Hades (Ralph Fiennes) fix their father’s prison. Instead Ares stabs Zeus in the back and Zeus is offered up as a sacrificial lamb to Kronos.

Perseus must now once again mount his winged steed, Pegasus and save his father from the Underworld and stop Kronos from burning man off the face of the planet.

I had many problems with the remake of Clash of the Titans because the love story between Perseus and Andromeda was lost in favor of Perseus falling for his mentor.

Not to mention the design of the Kraken and various other squabbles.

I had a hard time just sitting back with my popcorn and enjoying Clash because I kept comparing it to the original. Not to mention the hack 3D conversion.

I didn’t have that problem with Wrath. I knew going in that this was in no way going to be a Greek myth come to life or a remake of a film I loved as a kid. I saw this movie more as almost a God of War type sequel.

Director Jonathan Liebesman (Battle LA) delivers a darker, fiercer sequel. The world of Greek myths feels like it is in it’s twilight. The sun is setting on the world of the Gods. Times are more desperate.

You know just play with the world of Greek myths mix it up some play around with the heroes and monsters. This mix up and just insane, no holds barred look at Greek mythology is a little weird.

Sure you still have the familial squabbling of the first film and a rather interesting performance between Neeson and Fiennes. The creatures in this film are better designed (well except for the minotaur). I also expected the Cereberus battle to be on a grander scale towards the finale. But of all the battle sequences in both films the Medusa scene in the first one is the best of the series.

Many people complain about how dull Sam Worthington is. I disagree I think he makes for a great hero because he is just that not interesting. Heroes never are.

It is their journey or their villains that make them interesting. How interesting would Batman be without the Joker? Or Captain America without the Red Skull?

Sam fits the bill because he looks heroic and we relate to his average joe kind of appeal. I liked Sam in both of these pictures for these reasons.

I did find myself missing Mads Mikkelsen in this film. He was such a great character in the first movie. Instead we get Toby Kebbell as the sidekick Agenor. I just never thought the actor suited the role. I would have liked to have seen a stronger actor with more charisma play this role. The role of Andromeda was recast with former Bond girl Rosamund Pike as they try to say there was an unrequited love between her and Perseus. And finally we have a new Ares, who I have to say is a vast improvement over Luke Evans. I just can’t imagine Evans playing this version of Ares, God of War.

The script is bland but does seem to flow and deliver in some key areas much more than the original’s script but really that is what both these films have been lacking.

If there is a third have the guys who wrote the God of War games write the script and let them go bonkers.

Forget the melodrama and have fun with this material like Bill Nighy’s scene-stealing performance in this film was like or say Mads Mikkelsen in the original. If these films we half as much fun as it was watching those actors in this universe then they would be amazing films.

I’d venture to say Wrath is marginally better than Clash but Clash had a better set and production designer.

(3.5 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer

2 thoughts on “Weird Wednesday: Wrath of the Titans

    1. Yeah I know I was a little kind… it’s just a fun popcorn movie and sometimes critics forget what it is like to have fun at the movies… take this from a guy who saw every movie that came out in the theatre for 10 years…

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