Relaunch Coming!

Watch for the June 11 relaunch of… With a whole new look, new specials, classics, trailers, guest writers and I even found another Lost Pilot for our continuing series… You won’t wanna miss this one… Let’s just say it has a “Marvel” twist…

If that isn’t enough we will be kicking off Weird Wednesdays with the talents of Ashley Greene in her pre-Twilight horror flick Summer’s Blood…

Then around mid month watching for a new 7-part Hammer Horror films series… and The Top 10 Summer Vacation films…

In August, watch for “Sizzlin’ Bloodsuckers” as we shine a beam of sunlight into some long forgotten Vampire movies…. This 7-part series will focus on seven distinctively different takes on the vampire myth… (Note: This will not include Twilight or True Blood or anything made after 2000 but precursors to the vampire phenomenon)

Watch for a summer of sizzle right here at

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