Movie Madness #3: Private Eyes (1980)

After the success of 1975’s Disney Classic, The Apple Dumpling Gang, Tim Conaway and Don Knotts teamed up for five movies in five years. The under-appreciated “The Prize Fighter” and the sequel to the “Apple Dumpling Gang” were some of the movies made in that era. The Private Eyes was the last of that the era.

You can consider this the last team-up of these great comedians. The only other time the two would be seen on film as the duo again would be 1985’s Cannonball Run 2 in a cameo.

The movie is supposed to be a Sherlock Holmes spoof but is really just vintage Knotts and Conaway. Think of the movie version of Clue if it starred these guys.

It’s worth seeing only if you are a big fan of this comedy duo.

Watch the whole movie for FREE here:

One thought on “Movie Madness #3: Private Eyes (1980)

  1. Though he continued to act on stage, much of his film and television work after 2000 was as voice talent. In 2002, he would appear again with Scooby-Doo in the video game Scooby-Doo: Night of 100 Frights (Knotts also sent up his appearances on that show in various promotions for Cartoon Network and in a parody on Robot Chicken , where he was teamed with Phyllis Diller ). In 2003, Knotts teamed up with Tim Conway again to provide voices for the direct-to-video children’s series, Hermie and Friends which would continue until his death. In 2005, he was the voice of Mayor Turkey Lurkey in Chicken Little (2005), his first Disney movie since 1979.

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