Movie Madness #4: Jeff Who Lives at Home

You would think teaming funnymen Ed Helms and Jason Segal together in one movie would account for a really great movie. Well, maybe it is just going to have to be the right project because this movie really was not it.

The movie is really about how we can all have doubts about our purposes in life at all stages of our development. Segal is a loner with no purpose, Helms is in a dead end marriage and their mom (Susan Sarandon) is a lonely cubicle employee.

I guess this could have been a feel good movie because it sure isn’t a comedy. But like the wandering loners in the movie, the movie itself has no purpose. You never care for any of these people and just wish they would stop complaining.

I wish there was a point to the movie but really there was none. This movie reminded me some of 2009’s “Away We Go” in tone and meandering. But “Away” at least had quirky characters.

I really hope Helms and Segal reteam for a genuine comedy further down the road.

1.5 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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