Movie Madness #1: Dracula: Prince of Darkness

Dracula died a pretty good death in the original Hammer Dracula film. He was turned into a pile of ash then blew away in the wind. It was pretty final.

In the second film, four British travelers stumble upon the manor of Dracula.

There they are met by the manor’s keeper (sort of Renfield, but not) who ushers them in stating they were expected.

They are flattered and vow to stay the night and then move on in the morning.

The keeper has a dastardly plan to reawaken his master and bring forth the terror once more.

His plan involves systematically killing each traveler and pouring there blood on to the remaining ashes.

He, of course, would keep the female guests alive so his master could seduce and munch on them.

It wouldn’t be a vampire film without some munching.

This is the second time of Christopher Lee playing the Prince of Darkness.

It is no wonder he has complained numerously about the sequels he did for Hammer.

Even in this first follow up, Dracula has been neutered.

In my exploration of Hammer, I hope to find another Dracula sequel where this ole vamp still has bite! (pardon the pun)

The movie is also really lacking with no appearance of Peter Cushing as Van Helsing. He brought credibility and resonance to the Dracula myth. Without him, these sequels seem doomed.

This movie is basically a haunted house film with a muted Dracula. Yeah, that is right he doesn’t say a word throughout the whole film. And get this he dies this time by drowning? How does that make sense? He’s undead! He can comeback from a pile of ash but has a problem with water? WTF?

The movie is entirely forgettable. But there is plenty more Dracula to come from Christopher Lee.

2.5 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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