Movie Madness #16: Evil of Frankenstein

Just how evil is he?

It has been ten long, trying years since Baron Von Frankenstein (Peter Cushing) escaped his village of Karlsbad where the events of the “Curse of Frankenstein” takes place.

In a flashback, Frankenstein recounts what happened to his apprentice Karl and now penniless they must return to Karlsbad to recover some items from the Frankenstein estate.

Upon arriving back in Karlsbad, Frankenstein discovers the village carnival is in full swing and while at the carnival in disguise Frankenstein meets a mute girl who shows him that his monster hadn’t perished but was encased in ice.

Frankenstein drools at the chance to reawaken the monster and continue his work.

Returning Frankenstein to the village that tried to kill him is quite an interesting plot device and motivation for the character.

Then having him reconnect with his original creation is interesting as well.

There is a whole subplot where Frankenstein loses control of the monster and turns to a local hypnotist.

This subplot also strengthens Frankenstein’s desperation but shows how the road to hell is paved with the best intentions.

What would have made this film even more incredible is that if Christopher Lee had returned as the creature. His chemistry with Cushing in Curse of Frankenstein was incredible. And it is always amazing when these two heavyweights share screen time together.

What is also interesting about the series is that Frankenstein’s apprentice Hans continues on into the series. This really helps bring a humility to the doctor. But like his says in the film, “Hans, why do you stay with me?” You have to wonder if there is something other than devotion up Hans’s sleeve.

As I keep saying the Frankenstein series is definitely the best of the Hammer films and with this third film showed no signs of slowing down.

3.5 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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