It’s basically CALL OF DUTY: THE MOVIE. Who was this movie made for? Potential Armed Forces recruits? Military video game geeks?

The movie is about a SEAL team that rescues a CIA operative (Rush Hour 2’s Rosalyn Sanchez) after she is taken by an arms dealer/smuggler (Alex Veadov). This op leads to other confrontations around the globe.

This isn’t a sequel to the Charlie Sheen-actioner Navy SEALS. Instead you have an actual SEAL team starring in the film and doing the movie’s op like they are trained to do. I guess it is kind of like when they cast a sports movie and use real athletes.

Yes the film is authentic but these SEALS aren’t meant to be able to act. The really only actors in the movie are the film’s two villains.

The movie looks good has really nice uses of graphics, action sequences and pacing. But it never grabs hold. It is paint-by-numbers in a flashy package just like all this military recruitment ads.

2 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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