Retro Review: The Banger Sisters

We all know what generation gaps are. We all know that over the course of time people change. Well it turns out that someone forgot to tell Suzette (Goldie Hawn).

You see some twenty years ago, Suzette and her best friend Lavinia (Susan Sarandon) were living the good life as free spirits who loved musicians.

They were “musical groupies” who loved life to the fullest.

Then one fateful day, Lavinia woke up and walked away from that kind of lifestyle and for the past twenty years Suzette never left.

Now down on her luck, Suzette decides she needs to recapture some of the magic of her past and find Lavinia.

During her trip to Phoenix (where she believes is where Lavinia ended up), Suzette runs into a disgruntled writer named Harry Palmer (Geoffrey Rush).

How will Lavinia take the return of her past? What is Harry all about? Will Suzette ever find what she is looking for?

“The Banger Sisters” is a delightful project that centers on the performances of its three main leads.

Hawn, Sarandon and Rush are all absolutely brilliant as they take their characters on with utter brilliance.

It has been along time since Hawn has been in a film this profound. Her performance here is something to be remembered.

Rush’s character first reminded me a lot of the character he played in “Tailor of Panama” but I quickly found that his performance in this was far superior.

I also really enjoyed the performances of Sarandon’s real-life daughter, Eva Amurri who happens to play her on-screen daughter Ginger in the film.

She seemed to outshine her co-star Erika Christensen (of “Swimfan” and “Traffic) in every scene.

I like Christensen but found Amurri seemed to have a better comedic timing.

There are a lot of precious moments in this film between Hawn and Sarandon. I really adored their chemistry. It was like they had been acting together their whole careers.

My only problem with the film was that it was very predictable in parts and some scenes I felt I had seen before. There was a lot of magic in this film but every rose does have thorns. I wanted more scenes between Sarandon and Hawn as they reconnected. Still the film does have some wondrous performances.

(3.5 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer.

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