Okay, I saw this movie last weekend but I never got a chance to drop a line about it to now. The movie was tons of fun and very nostalgic for those of us who enjoyed the 80s.

Tom Cruise steals the show as a over-the-top rocker who is in the twilight of his career. His persona is a mixture of Axel Rose, Steven Tyler and David Coverdale.

The movie great if you don’t think too hard and just enjoy the music. If not, you might notice really ridiculous side-plots and script malfunctions. There is so much hi-jinx going on it is easy to miss unwrapped up storylines as well. Like I really wanted more from Catherine Zeta-Jones character.

But like the 80s themselves, no one asked if massive spending, constant sex, illicit drugs and excessive head banging was harmful.

3.5 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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