Shame is a really interesting film. So much of the film is just looks, mannerisms and sounds.

Michael Fassbender’s performance is flawless and once more shows why he is the best actor working in movies today. Carey Mulligan plays Fassbender’s sister in the film and she compliments him with her demure and emotional portrayals.

The nudity and subject matter is displayed in a natural no holds barred approach. But what do you expect from a film rated NC-17.

Fassbender’s character is cut off from society emotionally and his only connection is through lust. His sister is the complete opposite, she makes connections and can’t let go. They are the flipside of the same coin.

4.5 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

One thought on “MOVIE MADNESS #39: SHAME

  1. yes, both of these two people were lost and needy. it reminds of the quote about families: (paraphrasing): “all normal families are the same; dysfunctional families are all dysfunctional in different ways”. i thought the theme of the movie was best expressed when carey mulligan’s character said, “We’re not bad people. We just came from a bad place”. …. the sins of the father are revisited upon the sons… and apparently, on the daughters as well.
    great movie.

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