Nicolas Cage has become sort of a “mercenary actor” when a script comes up that need a recognizable face to get it released then along comes Cage. (Funny how is last name is based off of comic character, Luke Cage: Hero For Hire).

Cage has been treading water for over five years now but still rakes in over $40 million dollars annually. Cage’s critically acclaimed success ended with 2005’s brilliant film, Lord of War and since that movie Cage will take any job thrown at him. His financial woes could be the culprit or maybe it was Lisa Marie Presley kicking him to the curb.

Since 2005, it has been the “Age of Crazy Cage”. The only redeeming and worthy performance the Oscar-winner has done was 2009’s “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call”.

So where does “Seeking Justice” fit? This is the typical project for the Crazy Cage era. A brain-numbing thriller about a school teacher who gets involved with a clan destine organization that specializes in vengeance. Directed by the reliable Roger Donaldson, I thought this thriller would be at least entertaining. I was wrong. First I have to try and stomach January Jones. Then there is Cage’s sleepwalking. The extremely bland script. Paint-by-numbers direction. And finally Guy Pearce’s mysterious bad guy, who is aptly named Simon. You know, Simon says jump off a bridge so Cage jumps off a bridge. If I were Simon, I would have said, “Simon say shoot yourself in the head, roll credits.”

1.5 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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