Once upon a time, Joel Schumacher was one of the most prolific directors in Hollywood. He knew youth culture, emerging talent and how to use celebrity egos to benefit their performance. He was a craftsman. But this gifted director fell down the rabbit-hole never to be seen again.

A similar thing happened to the careers of Oscar winners Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman. Both Kidman and Cage had worked with Schumacher before but never like this.

We have seen a gazillion home invasion films.

Comedies like “The Ref” and “Home Alone” showed the lighter side. But in the thriller genre, home invasion flicks have carved out its own area.

Some of the great ones include “Panic Room”, “Desperate Hours” and the original “Straw Dogs”. And there are the worst  “House on the Left”, “Funny Games” and “Firewall”.

Cage and Kidman both throw everything they have at this horrendous script but it just comes off as desperate.

The colorful supporting cast includes boytoy Cam Gigandet, comedienne Jordana Spiro and starlet Liana Liberato.

Each of them bring what they need to the part including Spiro’s dark dramatic turn. But it is all just forgettable and a waste.

The only thing memorable about “Trespass” is the misused talent involved. This movie is torturous to sit through and uninteresting.

I think Schumacher was trying to make a statement that not all things are what they seem and that the sun might be sunnier on the other side of the fence but its an illusion. Um, Joel, the rest of us in the real world are already fully aware.

1 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer


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