We continue to take a look at some of the great summer films. “One Crazy Summer” is one of my faves because it was the first movie I saw in theatres that was really about the celebration of summer break from school.

Savage Steve Holland returns with another assortment of zany characters and his reliable leading man John Cusack. Once again the film follows a man stung by love who is trying to fall in love again. This time it is with an aspiring rock musician (Demi Moore). Along for the ride are Bobcat Goldthwait, Curtis Armstrong, Billie Bird, Joel Murray and Joe Flaherty.

Together the friends must team up to save a home for the underprivileged from a nasty real estate developer on Nantucket Island.

The movie is your typical summer comedy with lots of slapstick, hijinx and a sappy love story. The laughs aren’t as plentiful here but the plethora of goofiness does make the film memorable. It is a really fun movie.

3 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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