Sacha Baron Cohen’s version of comedy isn’t for everyone. He is politically incorrect, offensive and a buffoon but for some reason still maintains an innocence that draws us in. He asks the questions and pushes the boundaries we are all afraid to push. This shock is comedic.

I am happy to report that Cohen is back and funny this go around with The Dictator. If you remember the humor of Borat and really enjoyed it then you won’t be disappointed by this film. His last film Bruno was a mean-spirited farce which seemed to have left out the innocence we all enjoy. And Cohen just went way, way too far with Bruno.

This could be Cohen’s first actual Hollywood movie. The framework of the film reminded me a lot of Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America. There is also a little Despicable Me in Cohen’s Dictator character, you have a villain who is shown the era of his ways by someone he starts to genuinely care about. These are all really good things for Cohen to expand on with his shock comedy.

I was pleasantly surprised with The Dictator.

4 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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