Will Ferrell has made a living off playing the “man-child”. Those schleps that won’t grow up and bring everyone around them down. His best comedies were the ones where the chemistry with his co-stars overcame the obvious and desperate attempts to make things funny. Case in point consider Anchorman vs. Semi-Pro or Old School vs. Step Brothers.

Once in a blue moon, Ferrell finds projects that allows him to shrug off his reliable comedic shtick and branch out. He was brilliant in “Stranger Than Fiction” and showed there was more to him. He stumbled trying to branch out with Woody Allen’s “Melinda and Melinda”.

Ferrell took a chance when he signed on star in a comedy entirely in Spanish and shot in Mexico.

The movie probably cost less to make then Will Ferrell made on his last Hollywood movie.

It came out in very limited release but those who have seen it said it was the funniest movie Ferrell has made since Anchorman and his best film since Stranger Than Fiction. I agree.

The movie is a pleasant surprise for an actor I had given up on. The way the movie makes fun of the epic John Ford western, the classic spaghetti westerns and No Country for Old Men is just priceless.

There is just so much funny business going on here that there are moments you forget it is in Spanish. Like the exteriors scene using miniatures or the very silly white jaguar. Also the hysterical subtitles is something you have to get used to ingenious on how they are done.

This movie really is a must see for people who love westerns and spoof movies. It is just so much fun.

3.5 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer


  1. Your review is spot on with Casa de Mi Padre! I think if anyone were to make a Mexican novela spoof, Will Ferrell is the man to do it, and I loved it! I was especially surprised with the soundtrack. I didn’t even realize that Christina Aguilera did the opening song until one of the guys I work with at Dish pointed it out to me. This movie is all around two thumbs, way up!

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