Movie Review: London

London is a hard movie to track down. And with a cast that includes Jason Statham (The Transporter), Chris Evans (Fantastic Four), Jessica Biel (Blade: Trinity), Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers) and Dane Cook (Good Luck Chuck), you would think it would be quite the gem.

The movie is set in cotemporary New York, where Syd (Chris Evans) has just woken up from an all night drinking bender.

We learn that he has been dumped by his girlfriend London (Jessica Biel) six months ago and he hasn’t gotten over her.

He gets a phonecall from a friend telling him that she is moving to Los Angeles and he will never see her again but there is going to be a going away party for her.

Syd shows up at this bar looking to score some blow before the party and runs into Bateman (Jason Statham) who is a currency trader during the day and sells blow at night. (I guess even a slick character like this is trying to fight the recession)

Bateman accompanies Syd to the party. For most of the movie we are in the large bathroom at the party where Syd and Bateman get hammered and do blow with different girls coming in.

For the pedigree of acting talent here, you would think this would be a good film. But for me what was the fault was the script. It’s filthy, rude and the f-word is there every third word (I am not kidding) and the actors don’t act here. They scream at each other. I love all the talent here, well except Dane Cook, but nonetheless everyone. I wish you could take this talent and put them into a movie with a killer script like from Whit Stillman, (Last Days of Disco, Barcelona) Shane Larsen (200 Cigarettes) or even Richard Linklater (Before Sunrise, Dazed & Confused). I can only imagine what this movie could have been if Stillman or Linklater would have been involved.

The characters are all so pathetic and selfish. They are written like their lives are the centre of the universe. Okay I get it they are all young but they just aren’t written like real human beings. Caricatures is anything. The scene where Bateman confronts Syd with his secret is the best scene in the movie because it shows this “20-something” that it all ain’t so rosy as soon as he grows up. We deal with our problems and Syd is convinced that his life will always suck.

The tagline for the film says its about love and her victims. I would say this film is more about the denial that we all need closure when our hearts are shattered.

Evans is really good as the disjointed often fried out of his mind Syd. And it is also nice to see Statham in something other than an action flick. But for the most part the film is pretty amateur. Could have been so much better!

1 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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