Long before he it it big with “The Hunger Games”, Josh Hutcherson’s biggest claim to fame was his rather cool YouTube video audition for “Spider-Man”.

Since that video, Hutcherson has headlined the family “Journey” franchise and carved out quite an interesting supporting career. It is no wonder director Gary Ross picked him for Peeta in “The Hunger Games”.

This movie must have been sitting on the shelf for a couple years. Anyway, Hutcherson stars as a homeless teen Joshua, who happens to be an artistic savant.

One night he breaks into a house and mistakenly discovers an art forgery studio in the basement. He sees an unfinished painting and decides to finish it.

After he is caught by the police, the home owner (Alfred Molina) takes him under his wing.

The movie was shot in picturesque Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, which has a world famous artist colony and features the home of Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood.

What’s also interesting about where the film was shot that is also co-stars Mrs. Dina Eastwood and Clint’s son, Scott Eastwood.

Hutcherson and Molina give really good performances. It is nice to see Lauren Bacall again. But for the most part the movie is really slow. There isn’t really any excitement and the art forgery business looks as exciting as an empty gallery. Where is the intrigue? Self destruction? Shady deals? Etc, etc.

3 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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