Sons of Anarchy Cast, Creator Preview ‘Crazier, Stronger and Much More Intense’ Season 5


Sons of Anarchy Charlie Hunnam Season 5To the Sons of Anarchy fans who gasped for air at every turn during an incredibly intense Season 4: Brace yourselves, because things are not about to let up in Season 5. “You’ve had eight months to breathe,” Katey Sagal warns with a laugh.

SAMCRO rolls back into town tonight at 10/9c, and according to the FX hit’s stars and producers, the biker drama has accomplished the seemingly impossible task of upping the ante — and increasing the breathtaking — tenfold.

“This season is even crazier than the last,” executive producer Paris Barclay tells TVLine. “It’s stronger and it’s much more intense. I thought the last season was as intense as [creator] Kurt [Sutter] and our writers could make it… Not so. They’ve topped it.”

Asked to elaborate on how any future episode of Sons could possibly pack as much punch as, say, the Season 4 jaw-clencher “Hands,” a…

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