“Sons of Anarchy” is probably the best drama on television. For four seasons the chronicles of the motorcycle club have unfolded like a mob drama or Greek tragedy. It has been called “the Hamlet of television” for it’s intricate writing and emotional family dilemmas.

The series begins with Charlie Hunnam’s Jaxon Teller discovering the world his mother, father and stepfather had brought him into at such a young age.

They have faced betrayal, rival gangs, local cops, Feds, corrupt politicians and even porn moguls. Through their hardships and struggles, Jaxon met and fell in love with Dr. Tara Knowles and have had two sons.

As Season Four concluded, Jaxon was put to the ultimate test as he had to deal with who murdered his father. His best friend’s dad was gunned down. And a mix-up with the Mexican cartel had gone sideways.


Season Five begins with Jaxon, now president of the club, dealing with the fallout of the incredible season finale. His step-dad (Ron Perlman) is just out of the hospital and is dealing with his new handicap.

Gemma (Katey Sagal), Jax’s mom, starts a relationship with an escort agency pimp (Jimmy Smits). Tig’s (Kim Coates) family problems intensify developing into the most shocking moment of the premiere.

And we are introduced to Lost’s Harold Perrineau’s Mister Pope, the leader of the “NINERS”, a rival gang from Oakland.

SOA it needs to finally be recognized come EMMY time. Series creator Kurt Sutter, who is married to star Katey Sagal, deserves writing awards for the show. Sagal deserves a Best Actress win for the things her husband makes her character endure each and every season.

There are three really incredible scenes in the premiere that further perpetuate why “SOA” is the best series on TV. It is a can’t miss series.

WATCH OR DVR: Watch it


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