Retro Review: Adam

Hugn Dancy stars as Adam, a shy, enigmatic young man who lives in the same building as Beth (Rose Byrne). Adam has Aspberger’s Syndrome, which Adam claims forces him to never tell a lie and makes his social interactions very challenging. Aspberger’s is a mild form of autism.

Adam and Beth meet one day when Beth is locked outside of the laundry room. They start a friendship that blossoms into a meaningful relationship.

Except around every corner they turn something stops them from being happy. No matter it be her father (Peter Gallagher) or Adam’s disability.

The film is a series of trials and tribulations as Beth and Adam struggle to  find their place in the world. Adam’s disability makes it even more challenging.

But what is brilliant about the film is that it is no holds barred when addressing Adam’s disability and treats it with the utmost respect.

The film does a wondrous job of letting the average person understand the disability and how the people involved feel.

The catalyst to this understanding is an amazing performance from Hugh Dancy. He deserves an Oscar nomination for his role.

He is that good. He is as real as say Sean Penn was in I Am Sam.

I have never seen Hugh in a role that really showcases his talents and this does that and then some.

I also really enjoyed Rose Byrne, who plays a person caught in a tug-of-war where there is no winner. She is brilliant in TV’s Damages and here she shines as well.

The best way to describe this film is it is for all of us who don’t fit into society. We all don’t have Aspberger’s, obviously, but the film is so approachable on the subject that we can see our own fight to fit in through Dancy’s Adam. And that for me was the genius of the piece.

4 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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