“Perfect Family” stars Kathleen Turner as a devoutly Catholic woman, who watches her family crumble beneath her when she is nominated for “Catholic Woman of the Year”.

I am not really sure what the film was trying to say. You have this deeply religious woman and her struggle to fit into her world outside of the church.

She discovers her daughter (Emily Deschanel) is a lesbian. Her son (Jason Ritter) is cheating on his wife. And that her husband (Michael McGrady) is leaving her.

She doesn’t know what to do as she sleepwalks through each section of her life. Does she stick with religion or does she make some adjustments so the people she loves can be part of her life again?

Kathleen Turner’s performance is quite emotional as she tries to keep her character as reserved as possible. It is an interesting portrayal.

Deschanel is an enigma to me. Here in this this pivotal role she still emotes as much as her emotionless character on the hit TV series “Bones”.

I really don’t think the actress has the range that her sister does. And I had a hard time seeing her in this role.

For the first time, Jason Ritter’s performance is forgettable.

The movie is being marketed as a comedy but what it really is about is how religion fits into the modern world.

Take for example, the state of Utah refusing to broadcast the new TV series “The New Normal” because it shows gay men in a positive light. And that there are more shades of the human condition than we realized fifty years ago.

Is it right for a religious organization to boycott content they deem harmful? Or is it better for their followers to be educated and then decide for themselves? Kathleen Turner says one line in the movie that supports my point, “I don’t think. I’m Catholic.”

The movie isn’t very good but it’s take on religion faced with an evolving society is interesting. So do you want to be a sheep or a shepherd?

3 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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