They used to be one of TV’s biggest “will they or won’t they” couples. They were a super couple. But when the decision was made to write Emily Deschanel’s real life pregnancy into the show, fans were caught by a blindside. It was like the secret relationship that fans never got to see. All of sudden the couple who just wanted to keep it professional were having a kid.

Sometimes writing in a star’s real-life pregnancy into a show is kind of interesting. But Hollywood has also mastered ways of making stars hide their pregnancy for the sake of the show.

Some of TV’s hottest actresses have had children and we might not have seen evidence on TV. They even go to the extreme these days to photoshop out an actresses baby bump to maintain story control.

I remember a while back when Bold & the Beautiful’s Hunter Tylo was offered a lucrative contract to join Fox’s Melrose Place back in 1996. She left B&B for Melrose and then announced that she was also pregnant. So Aaron Spelling pulled the plug.

Instead of moving around filming to accommodate Tylo they fired her. With Deschanel they split the series season in half and even shrunk the amount of episodes of keep Deschanel. What does it take to have power like that over a network anyhow?

Regardless of the decision to include Deschanel’s pregnancy, “Bones” was winding down as a crime drama. Really the only thing left was if Bones and Booth would get together.

As a viewer and fan of the show I felt cheapened after all the time I had put into the series.

The last time we saw B&B, they were in a pile of hurt. Bones (Emily Deschanel) was framed for murder by a psychopath Christpher Pelant (Andrew Leeds). So she was forced to go on the run with her ex-con father (Ryan O’Neal). Booth (David Boreanaz) was demoted and forced not to make contact with his wife or work on her case, due to the fact that it could incriminate him. With the finale I thought that the writers copped out. I’d never believe that Bones would run away or that Booth would stop trying. It was against their characters.

The eighth season begins with the B&B reunion and Bones finally finding some extra evidence to take down Pelant.

The season premiere basically returns the show back to status quo. While watching it I am thinking, we are in the eighth season so it is time to start winding down these characters.

If there is one more great storyline for these characters let’s do it this season and close the series.

Let “Bones” fade away. I am almost to the point that do I want to see this show wrap up. If we hear this is the last season then yes I will stick to it. If not consider me signed off after another couple episodes.

One last thing, is it just me or is that new theme really, really annoying? I understand they wanted to update the graphics but the new theme has got to go!



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