NBC is still seriously trying to rebuild “Must See TV”. They want to find the next big sitcom. So they hired a lot of seriously funny people for this latest attempt at trying to find a comedy in the “new family dynamic”.

Unfortunately there is a lot of talent here but someone forgot to add funny people the writer’s room.

You have comedian Anthony Anderson, film funnyman Zach Cregger, Cosby Show vet Tempestt Bledsoe and the show is created by Late Night’s Jimmy Fallon.

Then on top of this you have talented Gen X actors like Jesse Bradford (SwimFan, Clockstoppers) and Jamie Lynn Sigler (Sopranos).

This show is “Taped in front of live studio audience” so yes there is a laugh track. It never works. We just don’t watch shows like this anymore. It kind of reminds me production wise of that super annoying show on ABC Family, “Melissa & Joey”, except this is about three sad-sack dads. Who will find this entertaining?

This show is very sad and really not what NBC needs if they hope to get out of fourth place.

GIVE IT:  Stop watching now and let this cast move on to more worthy projects.

WATCH OR DVR: Forget it.

PILOT RATING:  0.5 out of 5


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