Catherine Keener stars as Diane, an uptight NYC lawyer faced with getting divorced from his bored husband (Kyle MacLachlan).

So she scoops up her two kids and they take a roadtrip to the town of Woodstock, where it is 1969 forever. Her mother (Jane Fonda) has lived there all her life.

She is a painter, protester, pot grower, dealer and still a full blown hippie. She never wants to change much to the dismay of her daughter which is the reason they haven’t spoken in over a decade.

Now forced to run back to her mother, Diane has to re-evaluate her life and gather the strength to stand up to her husband. Can the “New Age” way of thinking finally help Diane? She has been running from it all her life.

Also what’s her mother’s influence going to do to Diane’s kids?

Catherine Keener is one of the most under-appreciated actresses in Hollywood. She knows comedy, melodrama and even suspense. Have you seen her in “An American Crime”? That was a game changer for her.

There is an Oscar in her but she seems to skirt on supporting and indie films. And she is wonderful in this film.

Her chemistry and butting heads with Jane Fonda in this film is great fun.

It is funny to note that Keener actually helped Fonda find her inner hippie for the film. It is a fun mother-daughter movie.

The weaknesses comes from the fact that a lot of the film is focused on every member of the family giving in to “free love”.

When you have three on-going stories with basically the same premise, it gets repetitive. There is lots to like here I just wish there was more diversity in the subplots.

4 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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