CBS loves their procedurals and every year we see a new twist on their predictable and given formula. I am still in shock over the quality of “The Good Wife” and the lack of effort on “Hawaii Five-O”.

But with CSI and Law & Order dipping and their franchises shrinking (can I get a hallaluejah!) then the network landscape is opening to more different kinds of shows with riskier premises.

“Made in Jersey” stars Janet Montgomery (Human Target) as Martina, an ambitious, not afraid to speak her mind Jersey girl who now works for one of the biggest law firms in New York.

When she stuns a boardroom full of stuffy lawyers about her knowledge, she lands on a case involving a college student accused of killing her professor.

Martina is unorthodox when it comes to her approach to the case as she unravels the whole case only to throw the prosecution off the scent.

Knowledge of hair products, ringtones and the feelings that a young girl might have during her first year of college are Martina’s ammunition.

This is a born and bred procedural. The pilot really shows no depth just that you have a Jersey girl outsmarting New Yorkers. The rivalry still lives on.

There is real no extra pinache, angle or attraction to make viewers come back to this show.

Janet Montgomery is a beautiful, smart and very likeable actress but how she saves the day feels like its ripped right of “Legally Blonde”.

Even Montgomery can’t save this show.

But can you imagine if she would have been cast in “The Mob Doctor” instead??

It should have been more “Erin Brockvich” and less “Legally Blonde”.

For this series to work there needs to be something underlining. “Blue Bloods” has the police conspiracy. “The Good Wife” is the relationships and smart writing. “Hawaii Five-O” is all about Garrett’s hidden family secrets. And “Made in Jersey” is all about hair products? I mean, the only headline associated with the show was how big Janet Montgomery’s ‘Bump-It’ was in the pilot not the actress or the writing.

Sad to say this won’t be staying around long.

GIVE IT: 2 episodes


PILOT RATING: 2 out of 5


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