Built around the moderate success of Zooey Deschanel’s “New Girl”, Fox continues to build it’s super quirky night. Of the new sitcoms that Fox has greenlit, Ben & Kate is easily the weakest.

The show stars Nat Faxon (The Babymakers) as Ben, a guy who just doesn’t want to grow up and mooches off his gullible single-mom sister Kate (Dakota Johnson).

He really clicks with his niece (Maggie Elizabeth Jones) so Kate lets a lot of his zany behavior slide. They are both single and looking for love, one has a plan and one doesn’t.

There aren’t many good laughs in the pilot but the show could appeal to some demographic.

Once more this is a show with a laugh track and sometimes you are like, “was that funny? Really? Am I weird?”

Faxon has comedic timing and is good at playing the goofball but I am not sure if there is anything really to this guy. Johnson’s Kate is pretty bland and well predictable.

The only saving grace to keep each of these characters off guard is Lucy Punch who steals all the best lines from Johnson. Think of her as this show’s Kramer.

I can’t say any part of me liked this show but the time period could hold hope for the show.

Well, that is if “New Girl” becomes the bonafide hit Fox hopes it does.

GIVE IT: 2 episodes.


PILOT RATING:  1 out of 5


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