Retro Review: Tomcats

Ten years ago, Five prowling lady-killers decided that they would make a bet to which man would be the last to marry.

The last man to remain a “tomcat” would get the grand prize. As the years ticked by the bet money grew to $500,000 and it came down to two finalists. The two finalists consist of a disgusting womanizing pig, Kyle Brenner (Jake Busey) and a prowling cartoonist, Michael Delaney (Jerry O’Connell).

While on a trip to Vegas for one of the losing lady-killers weddings, Michael falls really hard for a voluptuous redhead who woos him into impressing her by playing craps. Michael ends up in the hole, $50,000, and indebted to a Vegas thug (Bill Maher). His only course of action to stop the thug from killing him is to win the bet.

But he would have to get Kyle to marry in 30 days. What is Kyle to do? Can he find the girl of Kyle’s dreams in time? And what happens when you get your heart stuck in a place it shouldn’t be in.

Tomcats” is the kind of movie that would be made if Playboy wanted to make a “gross-out” comedy about sex. Well I am partially right. There are playmates (or wannabe’s) in the movie, Shannon Elisabeth has graced those pages and there are some gross-out scenes.

This film was a little strange to watch after seeing “Someone Like You” last week. In that review I complained about the film alienating men. Well “Tomcats” does the complete opposite by turning women into bimbos and sex-objects. I guess that is Hollywood’s definition of a male-clichéd movie. From watching these two films no wonder men and women don’t understand each other.

Jerry O’Connell

The film is contrived, predictable and overtly sexual. It’s like “Sex in the City” meets “Porky’s” meets “Worth Winning”. The tone is rather nasty and a lot of the performances were over the top. The strange thing is this film made me laugh at times and reminded me of the 80’s romp movies. Movies like “Jocks”, “Revenge of the Nerds” and of course the classic “Porky’s”. What was however different in this movie is that there is a lot of sexual discussion and implication but very little nudity (two male-buttocks) and or follow-through. In some ways Tomcats is a lot tamer than those 80’s films but no where near as enjoyable. The comedies back then didn’t feel staged and they didn’t try to be way, way over the top or for that matter strike a low blow for a laugh.

Jake Busey is the perfect jerk in his portrayal of Kyle. You really hate this guy. Jerry O’Connell is some what likeable as the hero but not perfect. As for the female leads there really isn’t anything memorable even Shannon Elizabeth’s beauty and Jamie Pressly’s teasing really never leave a mark. But you can’t blame these actresses they really had very little to work with. I did like the fact that Pressly’s husband (Horatio Sanz) in the film was paranoid about his wife becoming a lesbian. That was one of the better gags but even I am reaching.

“Tomcats” is a really bad comedy that may make you laugh but don’t run to see it.

1 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer.

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