In the original Madagascar, four zoo animals unwittingly escape captivity when they are assisted by a group of rather resourceful penguins. They end up in the island nation of Madagascar surrounded by some rather rambunctious lemurs.

In the sequel, the animals try to get home but crash land in an African animal refuge where they rediscover their natural instincts.

In the third film, the animals find themselves in Europe as they try once more to find a way home.

While in Europe, they lie to stowaway with a circus who is travelling to New York.

These are the basic plotlines of Dreamwork’s multi-million dollar animal adventure franchise. And I doubt this third entry will be the last.

“Madagascar” is a rather clunky franchise if you sit back and examine it.

The story is very loose, the characters never really evolve except for that movie’s journey and the visuals are tame in comparison to other animated films.

But it really appeals to kids who love talking animals and the slapstick jokes.

I have to say there were some memorable moments in this third entry that for me made me forget most of the dryness of the second film.

The tiger’s hidden talent. Martin Short’s overacting seal. The unstoppable animal capture agent. And how they were able to make the animals seem fresh again by reinventing a struggling circus into Cirque de Soleil.

Not only are out heroes evolving but it does it by evolving circus traditions. But that was all I really enjoyed about the film.

I am so overly tired of Sacha Baron Cohen’s King Lemur. I wish we would have lost him after the second film. Even the penguins who usually save these movies for me seem to have worn out their welcome.

Now that the heroes have returned home I am not sure where they can go with further movies. The series has kind of come full circle.

But for the most part this film is strictly for the kiddies.

3 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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