We all thought Adam Sandler couldn’t sink any lower than “Jack & Jill” and you’d think this film would be better than it. Well it is highly doubtful.

Sandler plays Donny, a former child who became famous after he was publicly caught for screwing his junior high school teacher.

Kind of like the “Long Island Lolita” but gender swapped. The affair launches him into the spotlight and soon he is all over the entertainment industry.

Flash forward thirty years later, Donny is broke and the only way to keep the IRS from throwing him in jail is for Donny to seek out his son. Yes, the same son who resulted from the affair.

His son Todd (aka Han Solo as his parents actually named him) is played by Andy Samberg.

He is a successful lawyer and now is engaged to the beautiful Jamie (Leighton Meester). Todd’s life is perfect until daddy shows up.

This is probably the most complicated plot a Sandler film has ever had. And simplicity is where Sandler’s angry child schtick works best.

Yes his character once again never wants to grow up but this time it isn’t played for charm.

There is a deep crass and harshness about this film. The subplots get even sicker and you find yourself upchucking in your mouth a little bit instead of laughing. This is hands down a new low point for Sandler. His fifteen minutes are over.

The only two things I did like was Leighton Meester’s mean streak, there could be a good villainess role in her future. And Eva Amurri actually playing the younger version of her real-life mother Susan Sarandon. Both roles are nothing more than a cameo but so complimentary.

And yes that was the actual Vanilla Ice and Todd Bridges playing themselves!

Skip it. Tape over it. Erase it. Forget it. Or you will be sorry!

1 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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