What is interesting about “Walking Dead” the comic and the TV show is the constant debate as to whether the zombies or the humans are the walking dead. Last season I would have to say the writers were the walking dead!

Last season was sort of a prelude to what potential this show actually has. The whole season took place on a farm where we were introduced to Hershel (Scott Wilson) and his extended family. The secrets that the farm held, the relationships that sprung up and well the friction as well.

Then finally in the finale, the farm was overrun by a stampede of zombies and sent our heroes back into the real world.

The finale also introduced two key ingredients from the comics that moved the story forward, heroine Michonne and the prison.

The premiere picks up months after the finale, winter has passed and Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) gang has been going around in circles.

They finally discover the prison and seek the security of its chain linked fences. So they go full speed ahead to take the prison, one section at a time.

This opener wasn’t really full of strong performances but went for what we all love about zombie films. This was a slaughterfest of zombie slaying, heroism and gruesome effects.

The characters underlining stories will flesh out in time as the series finally gets settled in its new home. After the critical neglect of the last season, they wanted to kick off this one with a bang!

We did however get introduced to new series regular Danai Gurira as the katana wielding Michonne. She saved Andrea (Laurie Holden) from the stampede in the finale but we now get to see her in the daylight. How soon until they are reunited with Rick’s gang is anyone’s guess.

The episode’s final scene is really a huge turning point for the show.

**SPOILERS** While taking the prison back, Rick and company get overrun. Hershel is bitten and Rick is forced to chop his leg in half. During the commotion, Rick turns and looks at Daryl (Norman Reedus) who has his crossbow trained on five people they don’t know.***END SPOILERS***

That scene is sort of a chopping away of Hershel’s farm and an injection of new blood all in one fell swoop. This is exactly what the show needed and with promises of bringing back Michael Rooker and casting David Morrisey as the comic series arch-nemesis, The Governor this looks like it is gonna be one hell of a season.

The premiere was definitely one of the show’s top five episodes!



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