What would you do at the end of the world? Make a snowman? Ride a roller coaster? Take a drive? Look up your high school sweetheart?

Steve Carell plays Dodge, an insurance salesman who watched his wife leave him on the day the world was doomed. There are three weeks left before the apocalypse but for Dodge his own version has already happened. So what does Dodge do? He goes to work. Gets his mail. And watches TV.

Dodge goes to visit his friends, played by Rob Corddry and Connie Britton, for their end of the world party. They desperately try to fix Dodge up and their party goes off the rails with sexual experimentation and drugs.

Dodge leaves and is visited by his free spirited neighbor, Penny (Keira Knightley) after she just dumped her boyfriend (Adam Brody). Penny tells Dodge that his wife was unfaithful and that she had been holding his mail for over three months. Amongst the letters was one from his high school sweetheart Olivia.

As riots start to overcome the city, Dodge and Penny head to Delaware to find Olivia. Even at the end of the world it is never too late to fall in love.

This is a sweet little movie and kind of reminds me of Carell’s “Dan in Real Life”. It’s not an outrageous comedy but one with substance and meaning. As the man’s world comes to an end so does reality. The parallel is an interesting concept. I like how Dodge is still a corporate zombie even with time running out. People keep asking him what he wants to do with his time left and he doesn’t know.

Carell’s mission in the film makes this quite a different road movie. Finding Olivia is more of an excuse to do something not a purpose. Carell is also excellent as being the guy just sleepwalking through the chaos.

The movie also features lots of great cameos from Patton Oswalt, Adam Brody, Derek Luke, William Petersen, Mark Moses, Martin Sheen, Gillian Jacobs, TJ Miller and Nancy Carell, Steve’s wife. Each have a really have an important character to play as they show all the different reactions to the world actually ending.

If you ever have one of those nights where you feel alone or life has got you by the balls then this is a movie you should check out. When there are no consequences, what would you do?

4 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer



  1. Great review! I’ve just recently started hearing things about this movie, so I’m more curious than ever to check it out now. I’ve been reading some reviews on it too, and so far everything I’ve come across has excellent things to say. It definitely has me wondering now if I knew I only had three weeks left before the world ended what the heck I’d actually go do! 🙂

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