I can’t say I was excited or pleased to see another medical show come to television. Not to mention let another one follow “Hart of Dixie” (aka Rachel Bilson’s Doc Hollywood show) which is about a small town doctor.

“Emily Owens MD” is hands down the CW’s version of Grey’s Anatomy. We have a rookie doctor Emily Owens (Mamie Gummer) starting her very first day as an MD at Denver Memorial Hospital.

Along for the ride is her best friend Will (Justin Hartley, looking like Clark Kent), Emily’s high school nemesis Cassandra (Aja Naomi King), her quirky closeted lesbian friend (Kelly McCreary) and the cute doctor resident, Micah (Michael Rady).

Finally of course there is the tough-as-nails head of the department Gina Bindari (Necah Zadegan).

This show is a paint-by-numbers and can’t believe that it was even made. The cast deserves better than this. This pilot should be given to television writers as something not to do. It is swamped with cliches.

For example:

Insecure, cute, empathic female doctor lead. Check.

Have this new doctor’s first patient be a little girl. Check.

Have a line that basically says “Life is high school.” or “Will we ever leave high school?”

Have a nemesis who has a crush on the lead’s male crush.

Have the lead confess her feelings on the first day. Check.

Have a Dr. McDreamy. Check.

Have a cranky head of surgery. Check.

Visible minority characters and don’t forget at least one gay one. Check.

Set the show in a smaller city hospital. Check.

There is so much we have seen before in this pilot that it is hard to even remark on anything. The best part of the show, if there is one, is Mamie Gummer and well her internal monologue. I kind of like her thoughts being vocalized. Gummer is also the daughter of Meryl Streep so hereditarily she does have the ability to add emotions to those monologues. This is Gummer’s second “young doctors in love” show in a row. The last was “Off the Map” which was a better show than this. Why didn’t the CW just move that show over instead?

Tuesday night is the weakest on the CW schedule. “Hart of Dixie” really shouldn’t have survived last season let alone be the focus of a night. “Emily Owens” really isn’t going to help. What the CW should do is when “Gossip Girl” finishes this season drop “Hart of Dixie” in behind 90210 and cancel Emily Owens and start from scratch in rebuilding Tuesday nights.

GIVE IT: Stop watching now!

WATCH OR DVR: Neither.

PILOT RATING: 1 out of 5


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