This zombie just can’t catch a break.

Former soldier Bart Gregory (David Anders) is having a really bad day. This evening he woke up in his own grave and discovered he’s a zombie, thanks to his best friend Joey (Chris Wylde).

But he’s no garden variety zombie.

Yes he’s decomposing, he stinks and his flesh could use some work but he’s still got all his marbles and he doesn’t walk with a limp. Oh, and he doesn’t crave brains.

He does however pass out dead for four hours each day and needs blood to stop decomposing.

So what is a zombie to do when he can’t get a fix? Well why not become a crimefighter and feed off the less desirables of the world?

The movie spends a lot of the time with the question how do your loved ones react if all of a sudden you wake up a zombie.

Anders does an amazing performance as Bart and it is quite a departure since most of his career has been spent on television playing villains.

He is sensitive and inventive with the role and the performance is sure to have a cult following. Wylde is really good as his goofy sidekick who helps his best pal adjust to life as an undead.

The dialogue in the movie reminds me somewhat of Kevin Smith in the way how conversational they speak. Wylde’s character talking about the undead and what he found on the internet. Just their bro conversations really make these guys really memorable. And you really want things to work out for them but really what would be a happy ending for these guys?

The biggest thing that spoils the smart writing is the really stupid racist and stereotypical scenarios. The writing is best when the two guys are just talking because that is so good it’s kind of shame when it strays off into something really needless.

“The Revenant” is a horror comedy in the spirit of say “Shaun of the Dead” or 1988’s “Dead Heat” starring Treat Williams. When the action starts up it really reminded me of the cult status of “Dead Heat”. These guys are basically buddy cops and well one is undead.

The Dirty Harry quote scene in the alley is hands down hysterical. And it is the perfect of the kind of humor this movie was trying to thrive on.

The movie is quite long for the amount of material in it. At a running time of almost 2 hours there is probably a good 20 minutes that could have been shaved from the film. I think the film also would have been funnier at a shorter lifespan.

4 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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