Chucky’s had a really bad luck. First he was imprisoned in a child’s plaything. Then he couldn’t escape. Was shot after he tried to possess his owner. Then he was incinerated. But you can’t keep a good doll down.

The sequel takes place two years after the original, Andy (Alex Vincent) has been taken in by some foster parents (Jenny Agutter and Gerrit Graham) while his mother, Karen (Catherine Hicks) undergoes psychological assessment since she stood by her son by saying that Chucky was alive. Detective Mike Norris (Chris Sarandon) even gathered evidence to support their claims.

This whole plot gimmick reminded me a lot of Terminator 2. Except in T2, we saw Linda Hamilton’s sessions and what had happened.

Catherine Hicks never comes back. Instead we get a friendship developing between Andy and a new girl named Kyle (Christine Elise).

Chucky’s resurrection comes at the hands of the company who originally made him, PlayPals Inc, the makers of the Good Guy dolls.

And once more the plot, written by creator Don Mancini, comments on marketing to children.

The plot continues with Chucky breaking into Andy’s foster home and once more trying to possess Andy and having no one get in his way.

This sequel is quite sad compared to the tension of the original. Why after going through so much trauma with the Chucky doll in the first film, would the kid ever accept another one ever again? The kid would me scarred for life. Yes there is the whole battery scene but it isn’t enough.

Dourif is once again brilliant as the voice of Chucky. But even he can’t save the film. He voiced all his scenes before the movie was even shot. He spent very little time on the set. Little Alex Vincent worked mostly with just a cassette recording of Dourif during filming.

In the original script, Chris Sarandon was supposed to return. He did gather evidence at the conclusion of the film that would exonerate both mother and son. Sarandon’s schedule filled up so he couldn’t do the film so his character was abandoned. And because of this absence the sequel suffers. It’s another plot thread never dealt with.

Everything that was original about the first movie is lost on this very weak sequel. This sequel is for Chucky diehards only.

2 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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