After kicking the Chucky series back into gear it seemed like the series was just getting better. Chucky creator Don Mancini steps behind the camera for this fifth entry in the series. And the most shocking part is just how utterly dull the film is.

“Bride of Chucky” ended with Tiffany giving birth to Chucky’s offspring. With both parents dead, Glen (Billy Boyd), the son of Chucky, is now being raised by a ventriloquist who is making tons of money off him. Glen doesn’t know who his parents were and how he ended up where he did.

Meanwhile in Hollywood, a movie about the Chucky & Tiffany story is being made starring Jennifer Tilly. (Yes Tilly playing herself) When Glen sees a promo for the movie he thinks his parents are alive so he catches a ride to Hollywood.

When he arrives he finds the lifeless dolls from the movie.

So he recites the words on the back of Chucky’s amulet and boom his parents are back alive.


The movie is very much about who is Glen. We discover that Glen is not anatomically correct like this parents (Yup, he’s a Ken doll down there)
And this starts a debate when Chucky says he is a boy and Tiffany says Glen is actually Glenda, a girl.

Each parent tries to give Glen a piece of their life. Tiffany swears off killing. And Chucky thinks his son should follow the family legacy.

This movie is really awful on so many levels. First it seems like the laughs have been sucked out of this flick. Billy Boyd’s voice for Glen really never resonates as part of the Chucky dynamic.

The real-life/fantasy world amalgamation is over done that here it is just so stupid. Even the once clever bickering between Tiff and Chuck is uninspired.

This sequel feels rushed and its like they went with the first semi-solid idea. Tilly’s return as her self is just so mundane that it must have been a contract thing. Or an ego trip. All the jokes about her celebrity and Hollywood just don’t fit the series or the main character’s motivation.

The only really funny inside joke about the situation is that Jennifer Tilly’s voice wants to be transferred back into her actual body. Besides that the whole angle is just silly.

Also Chucky’s revelation at the end of the film just made me angry. Why? Because it just makes the whole series null and void. And so out of character for Chucky.

In 2013, we are supposed to see Chucky return for a sixth film.

Here’s praying that it is better than this sequel, the worst of the series.

1.5 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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