Movie Review: Last House on the Left

It’s grisly, grimey and full of wonder as to how these movies get made! Not to mention with a cast like this.

Last House on the Left is another one of those dark, gory, tortured filled messes that seems to have taken over the horror genre. Okay, it is not Saw or Hostel but the images displayed in this film are very graphic and extremely hard to watch.

The film is about a family who move into their lake house for the summer. Tony Goldwyn (Ghost) stars as the father who happens to be a doctor. Monica Potter (Along Came a Spider) is the mother who is very protective of their seventeen year old daughter, Mari (Sara Paxton of Aquamarine).

All Mari wants to do is have fun that summer so she begs her parents to hangout with a townie friend. They reluctantly agree and she is off. She meets her friend and they hook up with this guy, Justin, who promises to sell them some weed. Then it gets ugly!

Mary and her friend discover that Justin is actually the son of an escaped killer, Krug (Garrett Dillahunt) who now blames his son for giving up his location. So now what do with these meddling girls.

Basically what happens next made me hide in my chair. Mari is stripped, raped, beaten, shot and left for dead in the lake. The film then has the convicts meet up with the mom and dad and the revelations slowly come forth to what happened to Mari.

After seeing Sara Paxton (left) in an innocent movie like Aquamarine and the very silly Superhero Movie, this made me feel sick. Why do we need films like this? Furthermore, why show it all? It would have been just as effective to reveal all the details through the parents perspective then endure her ordeal.

I have to admit the film is shot very nicely if it wasnt for the content I probably would have enjoyed it more. It also doesnt look like the film was a very easy one to make and that adds to the drama going on. The cast I really wish was in a different movie because it was the sole reason I wanted to see the film. Goldwyn, Potter, Dillahunt and of course poor Paxton are all wonderful but that is also sometimes hard to tell given the content. This is also definitely a radical departure for Paxton who is trying to move into older roles but not sure this was the best film for that.

This is a hard movie to endure and begs the question, why? Not to mention it is a remake of a film from 1972, so why make it again?

1 out of 5
So Says the Soothsayer

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