In 2013, we will witness the return of “The Last Action Hero” as Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to kicking butt on the big screen with “The Last Stand”. It truly is this grisled veteran’s last stand when it comes to reawakening his action career. Like Bruce Willis and Sly Stallone before him, Arnie wants to return to what he does best, blowing crap up!

The reason I picked “Eraser” as the film to look back on for Arnie was that it was really the best and most solid action flick he did towards the tail end of his action flick streak.

His action career really ended some seven years after “Eraser” with “Terminator 3” but we all knew he was just looking for one more big payday before becoming governor with that flick.

1996’s “Eraser” had Arnold Schwarzenegger still in his prime. It had a pretty enjoyable action-conspiracy plot. A memorable villain in the always watchable James Caan. And some really exciting action sequences.

In the film, Arnie plays John Kruger, a United States Marshall who specializes in “erasing” people’s identities and getting them into the witness relocation program.

His protectee this time out is a weapons contractor executive, Lee Cullen (Vanessa Williams). Lee has uncovered a conspiracy that not only will sink her company but many lead officials including Kruger’s boss (James Caan).

The reason I say this film is the last great Arnie action flick because it has all the stables of classic Arnie tradition. Arnie holding a giant gun (Hand-held railgun) with bare biceps. One-liners. The standard Arnie grimace and in pain groan. A villain who out acts Arnie in every scene and we don’t care. Attractive female lead who Arnie has no chemistry with. (Did he ever?) Arnie gets blown up. Many things go boom! Etc, etc.

I really miss the 80s and 90s action stars and it is nice to see them return. I would have welcomed them back with open arms even if “The Expendables” hadn’t been a hit. I am excited for Arnie to blow up stuff again, how about you?

3.5 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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