Movie Madness #130: Observe & Report

Okay, is it just me or is everyone tired of Seth Rogen and seeing him in a movie every couple months.

Yes, I know I am one Seth Rogen movie behind with this review since FUNNY PEOPLE opened this weekend. His appeal is starting to dwindle.

Observe and Report is a dud. There I said it. It is no wonder no one remembers it.

In the wake of Paul Blart: Mall Cop, once more we have a mall cop (Seth Rogen) who is lusting over a girl at the mall (Anna Faris). She’s not perfect but perfect in his eyes nonetheless. Except instead of being a loveable loser. Rogen’s mall cop, Ronnie, is a loser and a big one. For most of the movie he is either arguing, putting someone down or trying to beat the snot out of someone. Then it is revealed that he is on medication for a bipolar disorder but it comes off as convient, mean and petty. Kind of the like the whole movie.

You would think that the love story between Ronnie and makeup girl Brandi would be at least delightful. It could have been really cute and funny with these actors. I would totally want to see that movie.

During their first date, Ronnie gives Brandi his bipolar meds as she downs about 20 shots and then practically carries her back to her place and sleeps with her while she’s unconcious and throwing up on her pillow. It’s offensive, rude, disgusting and just downright wrong. And with that scene the whole love affair and any way of redeeming Ronnie is thrown out the window. It doesn’t matter that she is an easy party girl with no soul. Not to mention, Ronnie thinks its an act of love. No dummy, it’s called date rape!It is just irredeemable.

Ronnie has two nemeses in this film, one is a cop (Ray Liotta) that he is extremely jealous of and secondly this male streaker who terrorizes the mall. It is good for a hero to have villains but Ronnie seems like more a villain than a hero.

The only thing I found redeemable about this film is Anna Faris. She is the only character in the whole movie who makes sense. Her character is what she is and makes no apologies for it. In a movie full of bullies, morons and well scum, it’s nice to have one who makes sense.

1 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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