Retro Review: The Hurt Locker

There have been many movies lately about the unrest in Iraq. Well no matter how hard we try its hard to imagine the idea of our men and women trying to keep the peace in a foreign land. I am not here to offer my opinions on the War in Iraq or why we are there is in the first place. I am here to say that they have finally made a film about the struggle in Iraq properly.

This film doesnt have a seven-month Reese Witherspoon screaming at a politician or the American anthemn screaming as tanks pull into Baghdad.

This film shows the pain of war through men who have to do the clean up, well sorta.

The film stars Jeremy Renner as Staff Sergeant Will James, whose soul job is to defuse unstable bombs and traps in war torn Baghdad. He has two sharpshooters to keep him safe.

James has difused over 800 bombs so he is flying pretty high like he is the luckiest man on Earth. (Hey, I would think the same thing if I were him.)

Well, James’s lucky streak is making his sharpshooters nervous and the more complicated the bomb the more nervous everyone gets. Can they all just survive until Bravo Company’s next turnover that is the question?

The Hurt Locker is excellently executed with precision timing and real heat of the action perspectives. It isn’t glossed over in anyway and respects the struggle of these men. With each bomb they uncover the antee seems to go up and there is at least one rather gruesome bomb that will make you gasp.

I am dying to see this on Blu-Ray with an intense sound system. I can just imagine how that would look and how the movie would just live.

I compared alot of the film to Black Hawk Down but without the parade of Hollywood stars. If this film doesnt make Jeremy Renner a star then there is no God. He is that good in this film. Jeremy has been kicking around Hollywood for years but after this it should all change.

I also really enjoyed cameos from Ralph Fiennes, Guy Pearce and David Morse. They are there one minute and gone the next. (That means so much more if you see the movie, trust me!)

Evangeline Lilly of TV’s Lost shows up as Renner’s distant and lost wife who tries to show the soldier what he is fighting for. But that retread story has a different twist here. As the movie poster says, War is a Drug and well Renner’s character is an addict so as an audience we are never sure just how unstable Renner is.

This is brilliant filmmaking, nuff said!

4.5 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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