Retro Review: (500) Days of Summer

What a tender sweet little movie with a dash of realism that may break your heart.

Joseph Gordon Levitt is one of the undiscovered treaures in movies. The man seems to be able to act circles around people. I guess if that is possible, then he does it.

Any how Levitt stars as Tom Hansen, a whiz at writing greeting cards. Tom falls hard for the new girl in the office, Summer (Zooey Deschanel).  Summer wants a casual relationship, Tom does not. We know where this is headed!

Or do we? Because the film is told in a non-linnear fashion. Like say, Memento.

But imagine if you will you take this 500 day relationship and shuffle it as you would a stack of cards. And the film tells you to play 52 pickup with the cards of this relationship.

Sometimes you get hearts and sometimes you get spades its that simple.

What is great is how each card is carefully handled and the how the film uniquely deals with all the emotions of love, hate, anguish, love at first site and well infatuation.

It is a brilliant little piece of filmmaking and Levitt is right at the centre. Deschanel is good but because we are so much inside Levitt’s head in the movie we really never know Summer’s real reasons for the things she does. Sound familiar guys?

I could really relate to Levitt’s character because I have been in his situation more times than I can remember and it was nice to see how far I have come since I was him. Maybe it was because of that is the reason I loved this movie. Another could be it is just really good!

I also loved the film’s music choices especially “Your make my dreams come true” by Hall & Oates.  That scene is priceless.

A lot of the buzz online is that this film is poised to be the next Juno. But a friend of mine may have put it better that it will be the next Little Miss Sunshine. Why do I agree? Because I would say that this film has the same kind of amazing type script of Juno. I would say that Levitt’s performance is a break-through like Ellen Page in Juno. I would also say that 500 Days has a tone more like Little Miss Sunshine than Juno.

One more thing, this film may have one of the best last lines in movie history!

4.5 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer (that’s right I’m back!)

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