Based on the classic Frank Miller mini-series, “The Dark Knight Returns Part 2” continues the faithful animated recreation of the classic. Part one was more about the return of the caped crusader and his adoption of a new Robin in a Gotham gone to hell. Part two’s mission seems to be why the world has passed by Gotham’s greatest hero and some things that Batman might want to finish off his bucket list. The animation is crisp clean and very much inspired by Miller’s own work. Some of the looks have been toned down like Superman’s over-stated haircut.

I liked Part 2 more than Part 1 mainly for the reason it brings to life all the memorable panels we remember from the graphic novel. The slugfests between Batman & Joker and Batman & Superman. Also I liked the depiction of Superman and the revelations to what happened to the Justice League.

I will probably wait for the inevitable 3-4 disc set of this two-part marathon. But what I’d really like to see is a amalgamation of the two films into one 2.5 hour movie.

4 out of 5

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